Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let me explain...

No no; there is too much.
Let me sum up.

The foundation at Pleasant Row is slowly progressing.  The slow down was primarily because of the holiday weekend and today the weather.  I am trying to control my impatience with focusing on the progress that has been made thus far.  The bid process and attempting to get the best price on materials has been very frustrating.  I am proud that my husband is so persistant about it.  At the current pace I need to expect the box to not be completed until the end of July.  Urg... that makes me stress a little about being so close to delivery of baby Megatron.

The holiday weekend was fantastic.  We had great fun with our friends and family.  It was relaxing and enjoyable.

I sincerely miss frisbee therapy.  I've had overly emotional days recently and could really use a good run/refocus.  At my current weight, that is improbable and would be uncomfortable at the least.  I'll have to continue to use writing as my therapy right now.  It works sometimes.

In just over 9 weeks I will enjoy the world debut of my next son.  I am curious how our world will change that day.  I don't honestly know what to expect.

Miles is 4 and becoming an amazing little man.  He is not shy.  He will introduce himself to everyone.  This has only begun to make me nervous.  Teaching him the difference between strangers and friends is tough, especially right now with all of the contractors working at Pleasant Row.

Ripley is 2 and knows it.  She has developed a tantrum technique as well as some super-cuteness.  Her language development still surprises me.  There is a lot about her that amazes me.  She has taught me a lot about parenting and about raising a young woman.

Next Saturday is the Herkimer County tax auction.  I'm excited to see my friends there.  I'm excited to be there without my kids (hopefully- still have to plan for child care).  There is something I love about the auction that I'm sure is related in some way to Pleasant Row.

I need a good book.  I have so many that I'm just not interested in anymore.  I could stare at house books over and over, but I don't want to get bored with house stuff as it is still quite enjoyable.  So, maybe I'll have to look for something at the library to borrow... ah, the library.  The library is something that I have been neglecting lately.

Back in February, when I took the kids out of Junior Junction - the day care in New Hartford - I thought I'd try to provide a learning environment for my kids each day.  I planned to go to the library every Tuesday.  I planned to help Miles with writing and reading every day.  I planned to teach.  Our current structure is not as I planned.  It's not terrible but not meeting my expectations.  I would like to look at this more closely and adjust if needed.  I'm sure they are gaining something from their experiences without day care, but can I give them more?  Probably.

I also planned to save some money.  This month I have been more aware of spending and tried to cut coupons and cut costs.  It is a work in progress.  I still have a lot to learn.

I also have tons of creative activities I'd like to get back to.  I have windchimes to make, cabinets and rocking chairs to refinish, a sewing machine to fix, and gardening I'd like to work on (berries).  If only I had a schedule - oh wait - I'd ignore the schedule and go with the flow anyway.  I'm not great about maintaining a routine.  That is something I can accept or attempt to modify slightly, but I also need to understand that I won't naturally change that about myself.  My natural tendencies are not bad, but self-improvement is always a good goal.

So, it turns out I explained more that I summed up.  Life is good.  I am learning and growing.  I am imperfect.  My mission in life still is and always will be focused on family, and my family is awesome.

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