Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthday party planning:
At nearly 4 years old, Miles has strong opinions about what he wants for his birthday party.  There are specific kids he wants there, and we sent out invitations.  I don't recall having birthday parties until I was a teenager, so I'm not familiar with the party planning process.  I've been to kids' parties that are well-organized with games and food and gifts.  I feel a lot of pressure to entertain everyone, but just don't know how.  I think the kids will entertain themselves, and I have a plan to create a game for them to play.  Done.  They love cake and ice cream.  This will be provided.  Done.  Miles will get a couple gifts from us.  Done.  Now all the worries.... I'd like the parents to stay.  I don't have an end time, but because it is a Sunday evening I expect families to be limited with how much time they can spend there.  I am having the party around dinner time, and I cannot provide dinner for everyone.  I have asked them for no presents to limit the sensory overload and clutter for the kids.  I don't know the "rules" for how many party favors/ thank yous to give to the kids that come.  I've limited the number of invites based on Miles's requests and the size of our house and parking limitations. 
Eeek.  So, I'm kind of winging this.  I'll have to post an update after the party to let you know what I learned from the process.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

To blog or to facebook?... There is probably a simple answer to this question at any given time. First of all, I should make a concerted effort to spend less time on the computer. Second of all, when I am on this thing, I should find value in it (whether catharsis, entertainment, or self-improvement). I'll delete this post, but not until I let it sink in a little bit. G'night all.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

pages and blog update

Please note that the pages are works in progress. 
The Pleasant Row page is a journal I've kept so far and hope to keep updated as we make progress.
The Real Estate page is where I'll keep everything related to the housing market including helpful links.
The Parenting page will have links to other pages I like, but any commentary I have about my family will likely be on the Home page.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tricia Ondrako on Zillow
It has been an intense nearly 4 years since I kept up with this blog.  There are so many aspects of life to blog about that I will need to work diligently to make this blog worth reading.  Areas to focus on:
#1 Family.  Miles was joined by his sister, Ripley, in '09, and will welcome a baby brother this August.  He is a fantastic big brother and at nearly 4-years-old, he has taught me so much more than I ever imagined he would.
#2 Home.  We bought a property at auction in '10 and will be building soon.  We call it Pleasant Row.
#3 Work.  I became a Realtor in '09, and I really enjoy it.

Here's something I added to my zillow profile recently:
Tricia's favorite things:
-Family is her #1 priority and she can help your family find the perfect home. Whether you're growing out of your house, or downsizing, the needs of your family always come first when buying and selling.
-Friends are so important in our life, and Tricia is no exception. Do you live close to your friends? Are they always visiting your house? Or are you always going to their house? What do you do together?
-Animals. Tricia has two boxers: her "furkids." Pets are a part of our family and when buying or selling, this is a crucial aspect to consider. Whether it's a dairy farm, hobby farm, parrots, ferrets or pups, they are all as important to us as we are to them.-Art and Architecture A bit of a architectural history geek, the story of a home and the beauty inherent is something that keeps Tricia in this business. What stories have you heard from your house? What stories do you want your house to tell? What details in a home make you smile? Is it the Jacuzzi tub or the ornate Victorian moldings?
-Playing Frisbee: Tricia plays Ultimate Frisbee weekly. It's a time to gather with friends and play and exercise and is so much fun. What do you do for fun? Do you live close to these fun activities? Do you have space in your home to enjoy these fun activities?
-Helping People: Tricia has always worked with people. From waitressing to counseling to mentoring to volunteering to now: helping people buy or sell their houses.
Life as a Realtor:

"I am the best choice to list your home or find your next home because I have the experience and resources to make the process a happy one.  Family is very important to me, so I know that balancing family with finding a home can be a struggle.  Let me help you balance it all." ~Tricia
Education: Bachelors Degree in Sociology, Ithaca College
Masters Degree in Social Work, SUNY Buffalo
Licensed Real Estate Agent since 2009, specializing in residential real estate.
Tricia was raised on a dairy farm in Litchfield, NY, so she has a distinct understanding of the needs and desires of people living in rural communities. She went away to college (Oneonta and Ithaca) and lived in a variety of settings, from the Bronx, to Buffalo, to suburban New Jersey. This has given her the experience and perspective to help people from all areas and all walks of life. Her past work as a social worker gives her an advantage when dealing with difficult situations.
Tricia has been married for 8 years and has a 4-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter.

She has several happy clients. Here's what they're saying:
1. "Tricia was from day one, a breath of fresh air. Our previous realtor had tried to push us into buying something we didn't want, But Tricia took everything we wanted, all the things we expressed, and right away found multiple listings that fit our needs. She was very enthusiastic when walking the houses, pointing out things we may have missed, and pulled multiple comps from the area (as well as pointed them out as driving by) so we knew if the pricing was fair, and what the market for the particular area was like. When we finally found the prefect house, Tricia helped us with all the paperwork, and with her help, our offer was accepted. From offer to closing, Tricia always made herself available, answering questions via e-mail and phone call, helped to calm our nerves, and guided us throughout. We couldn't have asked for a more well prepared realtor, especially one who made the first time home buying process a bit easier." ~David and Amber Ross
2. Tricia was a great agent to have to sell my house. She got the house out for people to see very quickly. She was diligent with follow up with the other agents involved and making sure that banks had all the paperwork that was needed while persuading them to move as quickly as possible. Tricia was able to get my house sold much quicker that I was expecting and am very grateful to her for it. I would definitely use her again in my next pursuit of a house. ~Josh Hall