Thursday, May 3, 2012


We are planning to meet with the foundation contractor for Pleasant Row tomorrow.  I am feeling so excited and nervous about finally seeing our plans moving forward.  Kevin and I designed this house together.  It is a new page and we are still the craziest people in the room.  ;-)

This year's County Property/Land Auction listings came out today.  I've been reliving what I felt 2 years ago.  My friends, Carrie and Daryl, are interested in some land that is near their property.  Carrie called me and asked what to do about it, and we went through the basics.  Also, I saw that there's a house that my friends, Charles and Rachael, would be interested in.  I sent them a message about it, and Charles and I talked about the auction options tonight.  All of this has led to me feeling the same kind of emotions and excitement about the auction that I did 2 years ago.  I'll have to remember to get a babysitter this year.  There were some neat properties in the auction last year, so I went for fun with my mother-in-law, but couldn't stay because of the crazy kids.  This year, I'll feel even more invested in hearing the results, and I'll want to pay more attention. 

County auctions are so interesting to me.  I have seen the same names come up every year for people who've lost the houses to the county for not paying their taxes.  There are 118 parcels in the auction this year, where usually there are 80 or less.  Granted, 25 of the parcels this year are being auctioned together and some end up getting taken off the list as people catch up with their taxes.  Maybe in a few years I'll consider seeking out how to become more involved with the process and really learning how it all works.  A friend of the family is part of the legistative committee for properties, and I should start with talking to her.

Did I mention how excited I am about getting Pleasant Row started!!!  :-)

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