Saturday, May 5, 2012

Learn something new every day

My sister, Tari, and my nephew, Hank, brought their "catch" from their adventure today.  They weren't sure if they were tadpoles or some other kind of critter.  After some looking through encyclopedias, we discovered together that they are red newts in their larva stage.  I learned that red newts can actually be kept as pets and their requirements are similar to the water dragon that I used to have.  Maybe someday I'll have them help me and Miles catch some newts for pets.

Tonight, I will have to practice patience as my 2-year-old daughter is testing bedtime limits.  There doesn't seem to be an easy solution to this problem.  If she skips naptime completely then bedtime itself isn't as much of a problem.  However, she gets very tired during the day and sometimes we can't avoid letting her nap.  Tonight, it is 9:45 and she has come downstairs for the nth time and is saying, "I'm just hiding," as she peers around the corner of the doorway at me.  I'm not taking her back to bed.  I've told her to go back to bed. We'll see what she ends up teaching me in the next few minutes.

Tomorrow, I will learn the ups and downs of a birthday party for a boy who is turning 4.  Miles invited 7 kids and their families, as well as his grandparents, aunt Tina, and uncle Brian and his girlfriend, Amy.  I don't know exactly how it will go, because I'm not well practiced, but I am excited for him.  I know that 11-13 adults and 6-8 kids will be here.  There will be cake and cupcakes and ice cream.  Miles will get presents.  Miles will play with his friends for at least an hour (it's a school night).  Other than that, I'm not sure of anything.

Update: 10 PM, and Ripley is laying down on the couch in the next room (she's too afraid to come on the couch next to me because she knows she's supposed to be in bed), playing with her doll quietly.  She's clearly tired, so I guess I have to help her get back to bed.  Lesson learned.

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