Monday, August 18, 2008

No endings, only beginnings

I joined MySpace not to long ago and one of the features I liked was the blog ability. I'm not impressed with the site altogether, and I prefer FaceBook. I'm considering entering a blog here, posting the link on my FaceBook page, and getting rid of my MySpace page. We'll see how that goes.

I finished reading "The Tao of Pooh" last night. I began the book at least 10 years ago and would read pieces of it from time to time. This is a common occurence for me- as I look at my bookshelf I have began to read nearly 30 of them. That does not count the text books or The Bible or books of poetry. Like I said, I finished "Tao" and started considering how to use what I read. This is also a common occurence which contributes to my difficulty finishing books. A lot of the book talks about just doing and being and not thinking so much. Yet here I am, thinking too much on how to apply what I've read. After reading the book I looked up Benjamin Hoff and found a site created by him that points out the problems with the publishing industry and why he chose to stop writing. If I learn how to post a link I will do so.

I'm not sure what my intentions are with this blog. I would love to write about my beautiful son Miles and all that comes along with parenting. I would love to write about grief and loss as that has also been a significant part of my life. As I write more I will develop a more clear intention and be better able to advertise what I'm writing about. For now I will leave it open to possibilities.

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